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Product Overview - This reel features a 1/8" Marine Grade T316 stainless steel wire rope designed for cable railing and decor. The flexible 7x7 strand construction ensures easy bending and a smooth finish. When estimating, it is advisable to include a 10% length contingency to prevent overbuying or underbuying. For optimal results, use a professional cable cutter to minimize fraying.


Marine Grade Excellence - Crafted from high-quality T316 stainless steel with marine-grade attributes, this wire rope exhibits exceptional resistance to rust and corrosion, making it suitable for all weather conditions, including coastal applications. Whether used indoors or outdoors, it proves ideal for a variety of settings. To avoid complications related to overbuying or underbuying, it is recommended to estimate the total project length in advance and add a 10% contingency.


Flexibility and Smoothness - The 7x7 strand construction of this wire rope enhances its flexibility compared to the 1x19 structure, allowing for easier turning and bending around corners. The smooth surface of the wire rope eliminates rough edges, ensuring easy handling. 


Versatile Applications - Specifically designed for 1/8" cable railing systems that do not obstruct the view, this wire rope finds utility in various settings. Whether used for hanging string lights, clothes, photos, or decorations in bedrooms, patios, gardens, pergolas, etc., it proves suitable for DIY projects, commercial activities, wedding celebrations, and festive occasions.

copy of Wire Rope SS304 Satin 3mm

1 Meter
Excluding GST/HST
Color: Black
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