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Elevate your construction or exterior wall projects with our Imperial Cladding External Corner Banding – the ultimate solution for protecting and enhancing the external edges of Imperial cladding panels.


This specialized edge banding serves a dual purpose: it provides a crucial protective layer while delivering a flawless finishing touch to exposed edges of Imperial cladding. Guarding against moisture, weathering, and physical damage, this edge banding ensures the longevity and durability of your cladding system.


Not just a shield, Imperial Cladding External Corner Banding is a visual enhancement for your cladding, offering a variety of colors, textures, and finishes to seamlessly match or complement your building or structure's design scheme. Crafted for integration, it seamlessly blends with Imperial cladding panels, creating a cohesive and uniform appearance that conceals any exposed edges for a clean and professional finish.


Designed to brave the outdoors, this edge banding material shares the resilience of the cladding itself. Resistant to moisture, UV rays, rot, and environmental factors, it guarantees the enduring strength of your cladding system.


Installation is a breeze, employing methods such as adhesive application or mechanical fastening to securely attach the banding to the edges of cladding panels. Invest in Imperial Cladding External Corner Banding for a protective, visually appealing, and enduring solution that adds value to your construction or exterior wall applications.

Imperial Co-Extrusion External Corner Banding

Excluding GST/HST
  • Dimentions: 50x50x3660mm

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