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Dimension stability

It will not be out of shape after a long testing of 8 years and there is no crack under the temperature between -40 to 60


Material safety

Low flame spread / High slip resistance / No sting of wood / Contains no toxic chemicals or preservatives / Environment friendly / Can be recycled with 100%


Good appearance & nice touch

Natural feel & wood touch / Broad range of finishes and appearance / Multicolor and need not to painting


Long lifespan

  • Its lifespan at least 15-20 years in the outdoor weather condition
  • Install & maintain easily
  • Easy to produce and easily fabricate / Easy to cut, fix and glue; Easy to tenon, drill and nail 
  • Require less routine maintenance / No need staining & water sealant

WPC Fascia Board

Excluding GST/HST
  • 170x10x4880mm

    Usage: Outdoor

    Pattern: Fir Grain 

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